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Join the Solcius dealer program and experience the ultimate in flexibility, service, and support to build a thriving business your way. As a Solcius dealer, you
are our top business priority. You’ll receive a level of support and freedom that far exceeds what you’ll get from most other dealer programs, regardless of
industry. Our success depends on your success. That’s the bottom line, and you can count on us to treat you that way.

A complete
sales process.

Solcius has spent millions of dollars developing proprietary software and integrating with industry-leading sales enablement platforms and tools to support you and your sales teams. Using over 2,000 reports, we track, manage, and provide data in real-time. Our sales app is a one-stop portal for all reps in every market, providing two-way communication and project visibility.

Streamline your entire sales process, manage your sales teams and solar projects through a single app, pitch solar to potential clients using a dynamic digital proposal, upload files and sign documents remotely, and more!

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Generate accurate proposals quickly.

Send documents to customers electronically.

Make site plan edits instantly.

Choose from multiple lenders and finance options.

Select English or Spanish as a preferred language.

Timely, dedicated support and communication.
Timely, dedicated support and communication.
Between our robust software stack and amazing people, we offer fast, clear communication for both you AND your customers every step of the way.
Channel Success Managers

Solcius employees a growing team of sales support professionals with extended hours to ensure you get the help you need when you need it. Your dedicated Channel Success Managers are always a phone call or text away. Enjoy a direct point of contact and the services of people who really know your organization.

Market Managers

While Channel Success Managers are there to support you and your organization, Market Managers are carefully tracking your projects in their assigned markets, making sure that they are progressing and meeting aggressive timelines.

Sales Support

Owners and organization leaders are not the only ones with access to great support. Your reps can rely on our sales support teams to provide the assistance they need when they need it, whether that is in the car on the way to an appointment, or in the home with a customer.


Our online training resources can educate your reps on our systems and processes in a matter of hours! Quizzes ensure they understand the training and are ready to start selling.

Your customers are in good hands with Solcius.
This is what we do to ensure their satisfaction.

From the very first interaction through the entire lifespan of your customers’ projects, your success is our top priority. As a full service provider we take care of EVERYTHING for you. We keep you updated throughout the design, permitting, and installation process, so you always know what’s happening and what’s next. Our goal is to communicate consistently every step of the way so you’re never left in the dark. Sales support is always just a call away. We’re ready to answer your questions and provide assistance with little to no wait time.
Excellent service.
Solcius has one of the fastest sign-to-install rates in the solar industry. We design, deliver, install, and service best-in-class solar solutions (including our standard black-on-black panels) with a variety of financing and ownership options.
New roofing if needed.
Does your customer's roof need to be repaired or reinforced before installing solar? Solcius can help! We have a growing network of roofing subcontractors that can prepare your customer's roof for solar.
Quality engineering.
Solcius designs all residential solar systems to meet all code requirements and to optimize the production level of the panels. We analyze the pitch, direction, and shading of your customer's roof to determine how many panels are needed.
Profound customer service.
From the very first interaction through the entire lifespan of your customer’s system, satisfaction is our top priority. We keep the customer updated throughout the permitting, design, and installation process, so they always know what’s happening.
We handle all permitting.
We will work with your customer's local jurisdiction to get the necessary permits required for the installation of the new system. We take care of all the paperwork and will notify your customer as soon as approval is granted.
Hear it from our dealers.
Curious what it is like selling for Solcius? Find out from the people who know best - our sales channel partners.
Pushing for faster timelines every day.
Solcius is driving a company-wide initiative to deliver average project timelines under 60 days from the time a customer signs to their system activation. We
know how important speed is to project retention, and that is why we are dedicated to increasing efficiency at each phase.

Get paid.

Solcius has been a no-debt company for nine years! We have never missed a payment. That means you can feel confident and assured you'll get paid. We know how hard you work, that is why we ensure commissions get paid out on a weekly basis. We also pay up to $2,000 upfront on all your deals. The remainder is paid when the project is installed. No more waiting months on end for that paycheck!
Up to $2,000 at Closing
Remainder at Install

Become a partner.

We are looking to partner with the very best. If selected, your organization will be given a 90 trial period to demonstrate an ability to hit a set of sales standards. Fill out the form below and a member of our dealer recruiting team will reach out to you shortly!

    We just need know a little more about you and your business

    We just need know a little more about you and your business

    We just need know a little more about you and your business

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    Lock in Savings with Solar and Battery!
    While backing up critical loads

    Adding batteries allows you to lock in your rate and still have power during outages.

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