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A custom solar array from Solcius can reduce or eliminate your monthly energy bill, lower your carbon footprint, free you from arbitrary rate hikes, and put you on the road to long-term savings.


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Solar Power Offset

    Savings calculations are for estimation purposes only and assume a consistent year over year home electricity usage and a 3.9% average yearly utility rate increase.
    preview Greenville, SC George & Alicia
    preview Colorado Spring, CO Kay
    preview San Clemente, CA Mike
    preview Las Vegas, NV Dennis & Patricia
    preview Douglas, AZ Jorge & Ana
    preview Sacramento, CA Don
    preview Madison, WI Bethany
    preview Riverton, UT Paul & Debbie
    preview Glendale, AZ John
    preview Las Cruces, NM Steve & Teresa

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    What does it mean to “go green” with Solcius? It means more money in your bank account, and less greenhouse emissions in the atmosphere. It means doing your part for the environment and getting rewarded for it.

    It also means getting the best customer experience in the industry. You tell us your objectives in going solar, and we explain all of your options so you can make the right choice to maximize your value. Your only job is to watch the savings roll in.


    See what it’s really like working with Solcius, from the people who know best – our customers.

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    Why solar? Why now?

    Lower your monthly bill. Lock in long-term rates. Take control of your energy future. There are so many benefits to a custom solar energy system from Solcius. See why thousands of homeowners like you have made the decision to go solar.
    Save on Electric Bills
    Start producing your own power and offset your utility bill by sending power back to the grid for a credit. You could be saving money every month!
    Reduce Carbon Footprint
    Over 25 years, the average residential solar power system (6 kW) is projected to offset 301,034 lbs of CO2. That is equivalent to planting 2,258 trees!
    Lock in Your Rates
    Utility rates consistently rise over time, but by going solar, you can lock in your current rate and save big by avoiding future price hikes.
    Claim Tax Credits
    The federal tax incentive for solar was just extended through 2030! You can qualify to receive as much as 30% of your total system cost back by claiming this credit! There are may also be state and local incentives for going solar.
    Increase Home Value
    A study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that “solar panels are capitalized at roughly a 3.5% premium,” Speak with a real estate professional in your area for more information about solar premiums in your area!
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    Savings calculations are for estimation purposes only and assume a consistent year over year home electricity usage and a 3.9% average yearly utility rate increase.