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According to LA Times GMT Research, “Every 4 minutes a homeowner goes solar”.  Considering such a statistic, Solcius believes the opportunity to assist homeowners obtain the best solar solution starts with professional sales organizations. Even though no two professional sales organizations are exactly the same, all Solcius Authorized Dealers share a number of characteristics to ensure the high standards our customers, the homeowners, have come to expect.


The time to become an Authorized Dealer could not be better.  Working within one of the fastest growing industries, Solar Energy offers a growing demand from the consumers, continuous industry product development, and increasing business opportunities & benefits.

Solcius has successfully partnered with a number of the highest rated investing channels to enable our Authorized Dealers everything they need to be successful, as well as offer a variety of options to the homeowner.  In return, Solcius is seeking to continue growing by adding professional sales organizations who share our goals and high customer satisfaction standards.

Each Authorized Dealer will share in our desire to bring low cost, clean, renewable electricity throughout the U.S. by meeting with the homeowners directly.  It is also common that an Authorized Dealer has an entrepreneurial mindset, which has come as a result of years of sales experience with a sense of not having control. Take control of your future and business by instituting your training, licensing, hiring and operational processes with the help of the proven systems of Solcius.

If you have the desire to operate your business but have less experience as an owner, Solcius is prepared to take you step-by-step in setting up your business, hiring a team, marketing, industry training, sales training, processing systems.

Get started today by scheduling a call with our Dealer Enrollment/Onboarding Team by emailing your name, phone number, and best time to call to

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