Where you get your electricity from is now a choice!
Choose Renewable. Choose Reliable. Choose Solar.

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Go Solar for $0 Down

We cover the headaches and costs associated with engineering, permitting, and installation depending on how you chose to go solar.

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Save Serious $

Based on comparing the past and present bills of our Solar Customers, the vast majority save significantly by choosing Solcius.

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Lock-in Rates

Tired of your electric companies erratic and unpredictable rate increases?  Lock in your solar electric costs!

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Go Green

Reduce your home’s carbon footprint and make a difference for the future.

Solcius and our customers

Immediate Savings Guaranteed

We guarantee we will save you money based on your current electric bill. Use the slider below to see how much you can save.

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10% 30% 55%
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*20 Year Savings $ $ $

*20 year savings calculations are for estimation purposes only and assume consistent year over year home electricity usage and a 3.9% average yearly utility rate increase.

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